Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ivan is gone. Now to pick up pieces.

We are back home. Everything is alright except for a damp carpet near a window. Not bad. Our appartment survivied and so did our new home.

So many other people lost everythign. Our sympathies to Liz who lost her house on the beach. Our sympathies to Linda whose home got flooded.

I can't believe how lucky we were.

How lucky.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Still Dealing with Ivan

Another day as an evacuee. Now I know how refugees feel. Amanda got a free hair cut when she told the hair dresser that we were running away from the Hurricane.

The first reports from back home don't look good. The road between FWB and Destin is gone and the place where we had our wedding reception is under water. Even the weather channel people haven't made it back into Destin.

When will we go back... at least we have power where we are. My brother in law has no power at their hotel.

Hopefully this will be over soon... one way or another.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Dealing with Ivan

I am not talking about dealing with my ever present inner-Peruvian-child, but of the horrible storm that is now around Cuba trying to decide where to go next.
While some of my conspiracy theory prone friends spend their time trying to find a relationship between hurricane path predictions and the sales of batteries or plywood at Home Depot, Amanda and I are going through our things deciding what we are going to take with us and what we are going to leave behind in the possible event of an evacuation.
Is there is a place in the world with no natural disasters?

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Surviing Hurricanes

Well hurricane Frances is gone. Again we got spared. Unfortunatelly the people in central Florida don't get to say the same thing.

A guy I know in Orlando was saying "what the heck is with this hurricanes..." I said it is called "Florida". There is a reason the state is flat. Of course real-state agents making money of your northerners do not tell you that.

In any way I rather have hurricanes than the earthquakes we used to get in Lima. At least with hurricanes you know the thing is comming. And if you are stupid enough to stay in their path, whatever happens to you is your fault.